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WaveCrest @ Samplecon 2015

WaveCrest is proud to be one of the sponsors at SampleCon 2015, held in New Orleans from January 12-14. SampleCon is a premier conference on survey sampling geared to senior-level executives. With over 250 attendees from all major survey firms around the world, it was a great opportunity for us to be a part of Industry thought leadership.

WaveCrest at Samplecon 2015


Sheryl Shewman, National sales director attended the conference on behalf of WaveCrest Group. With over 20 years of experience in payment technologies and Market survey industry, Sheryl is the right person to communicate our role and vision to transform payments in survey sampling industry.  We are greatly encouraged by industry response for our solutions and looking forward to develop some transformative partnerships. Industry interactions feed our thirst to continuously improve and evolve our solutions to match industry’s requirements and SampleCon has been a great stride in that direction. We have captured a few moments from the event for our memories.

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