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Student Prepaid Card Solutions

Nearly 40% of college students receive some kind of payments from their school every year.

And most of those payments are made by check, forcing students to stand in long lines while manual processes overload campus office staff.

WaveCrest changes everything. No more lines, no more checks or hassle. Universities load refunds or credits on to a secure student prepaid debit card, which students can use on and off campus just like a regular debit card.

A college student is generally a young person with intelligence and academic abilities that offer promise for the future. A college student is also a young person who is on their own (relatively speaking) for the first time in their lives. They often don’t have bank accounts and sometimes haven’t learned to manage money all that well. College students also tend to use their own two legs as transportation and might find it difficult to get off campus to a bank or credit union. WaveCrest offers prepaid card solutions for college students to receive payments, credits, and refunds to use with ease and convenience wherever they choose to spend it. Whether for school supplies, groceries and meals, or entertainment, an API prepaid card is convenient for students and parents alike.

For the college or university, prepaid solutions in the form of an API debit card offers a convenient way to issue payments, credits, and refunds to students. Issuing a check brings with it the problems of printing mistakes and the risk of theft or misplacement of checks. School financial offices have the convenience of issuing payments for scholarships, grants, and other financial payments through this payment method. These are important payments that are of equal importance to the educational institution and the student alike. Keeping track of these all-important payments should be done through the use of the secure and convenient payment methods that WaveCrest offers.

WaveCrest’s prepayment solutions are the future trend for academic settings. College and university financial offices will appreciate the smooth way things will run, and students will love the ease and convenience.

On enrollment, students receive a university-branded prepaid card.


Universities automatically load funds from various sources to each student’s card (grants, scholarships, other financial aide)


Students can activate account “sponsors” such as parents who can remotely load funds to the card from other sources, such as a family bank account.


Students then use the card to pay bills, transfer funds etc. and even get loyalty rewards for using the card.