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My Fare Driver Payout Program

MyFare Driver Payout Program

The most convenient and secure way to pay drivers.

Modern fleet payments for today’s transportation industry

MyFare card gives fleet owners the most convenient, efficient and secure way to pay drivers. Paychecks can get lost, destroyed, or stolen. Many employees like to be paid using a prepaid business debit card; and as an employer, paying drivers with these prepaid business cards can help you avoid a lot of these types of headaches.  Prepaid card solutions will also eliminate the chance for mistakes such as misprinting a paycheck.

How MyFare Card Works

The transportation industry is rapidly changing, and driver retention is key to running a successful business. MyFare Card eliminates checks, cash payments and even ACH, and gives your drivers the freedom to bank—or unbank—in a way that works best for them. With the use of an API prepaid card, dependable drivers of varying financial situations and preferences will like that they can be paid without the hassle of heading into a bank. With new employees, not yet having a bank account set up is a common problem. With an API debit card, this eliminates that problem for them. As an employer, you’ll find the convenience preferable to other forms of payments.

Go Cashless

with instant, automated digital payments.



and move to single payout method.



with a streamlined, affordable card program.



improving driver satisfaction and retention.



and get back to business faster.

Why Fleet Owners Choose the MyFare Card

Increased Driver Retention

  • Real-time payments. Give drivers immediate access to their funds

Cost Savings

  • Reduce operational costs

Fraud and Theft Protection

  • Safely and securely pay drivers. Lost and stolen card replacement.

Full-Service Account Managment

  • Robust reporting and management tools

Fleet Payment Collection from Drivers

  • Fleets collect payment from drivers card account and move to fleet account. Prior approval of driver may be required
  • Replaces the existing process of a fleet charging driver’s personal credit card – avoids the high cost of credit card acquiring fees or chargeback risk. Any disputes would be handled directly between the fleet and driver without involving the Networks.
  • Easy API integration to integrate in cashiering system.
  • Instant transfer of funds between driver card to fleet account.
  • Fleets would immediately have use of these same funds to pay the next driver.
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