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MyChoice Preferred

MyChoice Preferred

Our MyChoice Preferred corporate payments programs allow businesses to streamline their commission, business, incentive and travel payments, and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility and security.

You can make payments easily without the need for cardholder bank accounts or credit checks.

MyChoice Preferred is simple to setup and manage, and it offers a hassle-free payment solution for employees, agents, affiliates and suppliers.

Standard Features with the MyChoice Brand

Perfect for businesses seeking an easy and automated way to pay commissions, incentives and other payments to affiliates, customers, employees and business partners. You can be set-up for our standard program in as little as 72 hours* and can start issuing and loading cards for your payees immediately

A Full Package of Features with Your Brand

A completely custom corporate payment program with custom designed cards, stylized website, mobile apps and optional API integrations.

The Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Lower your operational expenses and improved efficiency with electronic payments
  • Secure integration and card personalization via API
  • 24/7 email and telephone support including risk management, dispute management and corporate reporting
  • Funds are available to cardholders within minutes of payment confirmation

Cardholder Benefits

  • Immediate availability of funds
  • No bank account or credit history required
  • Mobile app to check balance and transaction history
  • No additional fees for retail purchases
  • Access cash at ATMs worldwide
  • Secure payments
  • Support via email, IVR and live agent

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