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Digital Prepaid Payment Solutions

Businesses, governments, and consumers need simple, flexible methods to send and receive funds around the world in multiple currencies and at the speed of light.
WaveCrest delivers fast, cost-effective and innovative payments solution.

We’re all part of a vast, complicated global economy that will only become more so with each passing year. A global economy means vast amounts of money moving all around the world. As they say, “money makes the world go round,” and this is truly the case. All this money moves around the world electronically, and along with that comes the inherent problems that go along with it. Electronic payment systems have been constantly reinvented, improved, and refined over time, and WaveCrest’s payment solutions are the shining result of all this learning and experience.

WaveCrest prides itself on its flexible ability with payments to receive funds as well as send them. With WaveCrest, these funds travel the world with lightning speed. Payments in multiple currencies are delivered fast and are cost-effective. Whether you’re a business or government entity, we offer innovative ways to send and receive payments in a constantly changing global economy.


Joking and laughing business colleagues standing in office

A business can’t survive without profits, and WaveCrest understands this. WaveCrest’s payment solutions give businesses the confidence that their hard-earned profits will actually arrive and end up in their bank accounts. As a business owner, you can trust WaveCrest to deliver these profits to your front door.



There are many individual parties who have a stake in the monies that come in and out of government coffers. The importance of protecting the process of sending and receiving government funds can’t be underestimated. Governments can rely on WaveCrest to protect all of its interests.


MyChoice Prepaid Debit Card

Let’s not forget the need to protect and serve the financial interests of the consumer. The individual consumer wants and needs to be able to trust this system of digital payment solutions just as much as a business or government entity.


MyChoice Preferred

Corporate Payments for the Americas

Our MyChoice Preferred prepaid card solution allows businesses to streamline commission, business, incentives, travel payments and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security.

  • Make easy payments without the need for cardholder bank accounts or credit checks.