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Advanced Cash Chooses WaveCrest as Its Prepaid Program Provider

Customers can now easily access funds on a WaveCrest issued prepaid MasterCard

 FARNBOROUGH, England – April 14, 2014 WaveCrest Group Limited, a multi-currency digital payments platform that offers full-service, global solutions, has been selected by Advanced Cash to provide customers with a new payout option: a prepaid MasterCard program.

Around the world, customers use the Advanced Cash payment services platform to perform a multitude of financial transaction types. Freelancers, business owners, and affiliate program managers can pay partners, and receive payments, all through a single account.

By adding WaveCrest’s MasterCard program, Advanced Cash customers gain tremendous flexibility to elect a virtual prepaid card account – good online wherever MasterCard is accepted – to quickly and conveniently gain access to funds on the Advanced Cash platform. Customers also have the opportunity to upgrade to a plastic card for in-person MasterCard purchases and cash access at ATMs.

“The benefits will integrate seamlessly,” said Yaacov Bitton, CEO, Advanced Cash, “WaveCrest’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and rich API library will accommodate the registration, loading and servicing of a prepaid card account, offering our customers frictionless, cloud-based MasterCard capabilities.”

“The partnership with Advanced Cash is another perfect example of the benefits of WaveCrest’s platform design and issuing capabilities,” said Miles Paschini, group president, WaveCrest Group Limited. “Our web-based API gives Advanced Cash the ability to present our prepaid features and benefits direct to customers through their branded site. And, as an e-money issuer and MasterCard member, WaveCrest delivers a program with financial flexibility. The Advanced Cash product highlights the flexibility of our B2B payment solutions and corporate payout card programs.”

The Advanced Cash MasterCard program is expected to launch in May 2014.

About WaveCrest

WaveCrest provides award-winning digital payment solutions to corporations and governments worldwide. Programs include business-to-business payouts, employee, student and taxpayer disbursements, mobile wallets, prepaid cards, lottery payments, pre-defined and custom offerings. WaveCrest Holdings Limited in Europe is a regulated e-money issuer and a principal member of MasterCard and Visa EU. WaveCrest Payment Services of the Americas, Inc. is a FinCEN-registered prepaid access provider, and an issuer of Discover Network prepaid cards.” Visit us at


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