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Digital Prepaid Payment Solutions

WaveCrest’s award winning payments platform allows businesses of all sizes to modernize, streamline and accelerate payments. Take your corporate payments program further with our scalable payments platform. Program managers can create a private label, customized program and leave the technology, monitoring, compliance, processing and reporting to WaveCrest.

Being in business means offering customers the best products and services. Being in business also means generating profits. These profits are used, in part, to reinvest in the business and to grow and improve those products or services. Profits come from customer payments, and being able to collect on these payments in a timely manner can be a burden. Employing a smooth and reliable system to collect payments is an important benefit for a business and can sometimes get in the way of new business growth. In some cases, not having a reliable system of collecting payments can mean the demise of a business. It goes without saying that finding effective prepaid solutions can help a business in important ways.


Business growth almost always requires modernization. Modernization of payment methods and systems are often at the heart of this growth. In the past, when some businesses were still running credit cards through manual credit card machines, forward-thinking businesses were using electronic payment systems and growing their businesses at a faster rate. The past is always interesting, but modernization is definitely how to move ahead in business. Payment systems are always modernizing and a business needs to keep up to stay in the game.


A payment system that is streamlined helps a business run leaner and more smoothly. Streamlining your payment methods and systems will leave you more time and resources to focus on other important aspects, like marketing and advertising, to further grow your business.

Accelerate Payments

Getting paid quickly is a great feeling and fosters the security you need as a business owner. WaveCrest’s nimble payment solutions can make this happen.


Corporate Payments for Europe


Corporate Payments for the Americas


Commission Payment Solution for Insurance Companies, Brokers and Fund Managers

My Fare Debit Card


Pay Your Drivers Anytime, Anywhere


Receive payments on a secure MyChoice prepaid debit card.
WaveCrest delivers fast, cost-effective and innovative payments solution.

  • Support
    Deploy programs with WaveCrest in Canada, USA and Europe.
  • API
    Made by developers for developers – create your custom solutions today!
  • Features
    Configurable fees, rules & limits, notifications and more.
  • Fast to Market
    With our progressive deployment, you can be live in as little as 72 hours.

Why businesses love our MyChoice Solutions?

  • Licensed and Regulated
  • Cost Effective
  • Turnkey or White Label Prepaid Program
  • Prepaid Debit cards
  • Available on Visa
  • Plastic and Virtual Card Account
  • Chip & PIN security
  • Secure API Integration
  • Complete compliance solutions for KYC and AML controls
  • Full Admin Control

Find Your Customized Payment Solutions.

Transforming Payment Solutions.

Find Your Customized Payment Solutions.

Transforming Payment Solutions.

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